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2012 London Olympics Medal Count Betting Odds

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London are only a few months away, but USA Today already feels like it has a pretty good hold on what’s to come. We’re in that kind of age where events in the distant future are topics of predictions more and more. Good for betting though. Good conversation.

The USA Today has this medal tracker thing, just recently published in March, which sets to predict which country will win the most medals overall. Continue reading

Betting Odds For 2012 Olympics Men’s 100m Favors Usain Bolt

Sometimes we write words just to write words. Whether it’s to antagonize someone or really create some kind of buzz that otherwise is lacking. It’s human nature I guess to want there to be a story so badly, we’ll select the details we want to in order to shape the story we want.

We want Usain Bolt to flounder so badly we start looking into trivial details about a late start and use it to signal his demise. But then he goes out and runs this past weekend and proves that we’re all dopes that the only story we should be writing is the one about how easily he’s going to win over and over at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Continue reading

USA Men’s Basketball Favored In 2012 Olympic Betting Odds

Just two weeks after the completion of the NBA Season, The USA Men’s Basketball team will begin preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

The month-long exhibition tour will pit the United States against three of the top-3 favorites to win gold at the Olympics, according to Bet365: Spain, Brazil and Argentina. They wrap up in Barcelona, 20 years after the famed Dream Team rocketed to stardom at the 1992 games in Spain. Continue reading

Usain Bolt Favored To Win Gold In 100m At 2012 Summer Olympics In London

Usain Bolt runs and you do not see him.

Anybody willing to bet against Usain Bolt in a sprinting event must be controlling the remote to his super fast robot-like body or know something supernatural that is going to take place. In fact, the only race that Bolt to didn’t finish first, was caused by himself. In an unbelievable turn of events during the 100m final at last year’s Worlds, the Jamaican sprinter got happy feet and false started. It was such a big deal considering the three year streak of dominance that Bolt was having combined with the injuries that were sustained by any opponent with a shot at beating him. Continue reading

2012 Olympic Betting Odds Feature Gold Medal Lines With United States On Top

2012 should be quite a year for sports, especially with the Olympic Summer games taking place in London beginning in July.

And while that is still a little ways away, oddsmakers are already jumping in on the Olympic Games, installing some general odds. Continue reading

Great Britain Gold Medal Odds, & Medal Count Odds At Bet365

Only about 150 days stand in the way of the Olympians and their day in the spotlight.

But the real story that is casting over the forthcoming Olympics is not the stars of the show, but rather the country that is hosting. Great Britain’s Olympic showings have been rather inconsistent in the past. Continue reading

U.K. Sportsbooks Lead Way With 2012 London Olympic Betting Odds

The 2012 Olympics haven’t even begun yet and oddsmakers have already made their presumptions about track clear. It’s still Usain Bolt, and then everyone else. Well, that is, Michael Johnson from a decade ago shows up. Bolt is getting 8/13 odds from Bet365 to win the 100m, the event he has completely destroyed since breaking the world record in 2008. USA sprinter Tyson Gay gets 13/2 from them also, which is good to know that America is going to be close enough to see Bolt break his old record again. Continue reading