Usain Bolt Favored To Win Gold In 100m At 2012 Summer Olympics In London

Usain Bolt runs and you do not see him.

Anybody willing to bet against Usain Bolt in a sprinting event must be controlling the remote to his super fast robot-like body or know something supernatural that is going to take place. In fact, the only race that Bolt to didn’t finish first, was caused by himself. In an unbelievable turn of events during the 100m final at last year’s Worlds, the Jamaican sprinter got happy feet and false started. It was such a big deal considering the three year streak of dominance that Bolt was having combined with the injuries that were sustained by any opponent with a shot at beating him.

Yet, even with a disqualification of Bolt, Jamaica did not lose out on a gold medal as his partner Johan Blake edged USA sprinter Walter Dix at the finish line. Both runners are capable of running great times, but their numbers just don’t compare to the fastest man in the world.

In 2008, Bolt not only broke the 100 and 200m world records, but along with his Jamaican team he was part of another world record in the 4×100 relay. Following that unbelievable showing, Bolt broke his own previous 100 and 200m world records and won three more gold medals in Berlin at the World Championships. To have not the only the ability to defend your title, but the opportunity right in front of you and you false start had to have made Usain a little insane.

Luckily, all that waiting time is coming to a close and his redemption comes at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. The current favorite per the latest betting odds on BetOnline lists Bolt as a big favorite to win the 100m with a -200 line to win the Gold Medal while any other sprinter like Blake or Dix has +160.

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