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Michael Phelps’ 2012 London Olympics Betting Odds

Michael Phelps says he’s diving into the Olympics for the final time this summer, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be leaving without a splash.

Phelps, who broke Mark Spitz’s record with eight golds at the 2008 Beijing Games, has his eye on one more record in London before he retires: breaking the record for most career medals. Continue reading

Usain Bolt 2012 London Olympics 100m Betting Odds

In his quest for Olympic Gold, Usain Bolt’s girlfriend came in second place.

And it wasn’t even close.

According to Yahoo! Sports Fourth Place Medal blog, Bolt told his girlfriend of six months, a Slovakian fashion designer to take a hike as he attempts to focus on his training for the London Olympics. Continue reading

Without Hernandez, Mexico’s 2012 Olympic Soccer Betting Odds Waiver

No. 1-ranked men’s tennis star and gold medal favorite Novak Djokovic told reporters in January that he considered an Olympic medal as prestigious an honor as any other, and that winning gold is an important accomplishment. That’s a rare stance today when the Olympics are more-and-more being treated like the NFL Pro Bowl. Just another pointless competition that only serves to injure players who make a lot more money in professional leagues. Continue reading

2012 London Olympics Men’s Water Polo Betting Lines

The U.S. Men’s polo team have been eager for another crack at Hungary, and it won’t have to wait very long to get it. After losing to Hungary in the gold medal game in the 2008 Beijing Games, the U.S. drew the defending champs in the first round this year. They are grouped with the nine-time champions as part of a brutal opening group that includes Serbia, Romania and Britain. Continue reading

Top Britain Wrestler May Miss 2012 London Olympics

The USA Today put out their medal count predictor a few months ago, and projected the host city Britain to be around 21 gold medals for the entire 2012 London Olympics.

That’s about the same number Bovada’s Olympic Specials page has for the over/under for the country, too. Continue reading

U.S. Men’s Basketball Futures Betting Odds For May 1, 2012

The USA Men’s Basketball team has had its share of disappointments already, losing Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard to injuries during the NBA season.  Bovada’s Olympic Futures has been favoring the men’s team to win gold for a while, although lines aren’t currently listed. In fact, Bovada picks the U.S. to win more golds than any other country this August, and the basketball team will certainly help in determining that. Continue reading

2012 Olympics Men’s Tennis Futures Betting Odds

Novak Djokovic is your favorite to win the men’s tennis tournament at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. But Rafael Nadal appears to be nipping at his heels after a smashing win last week. Nadal finally beat Djokovic in a final, besting the Serb 6-3, 6-1 in the Monte Carlo Masters final on Sunday. Continue reading

2012 London Olympics Get Social Media Upgrade

This isn’t completely odds related, but kind of cool.

Apparently the International Olympics Committee is dead-set on making the London Olympics a social event. For the first time ever, the games will be integrated with social networks, allowing fans rare access to the Olympic Village from home, as well as exclusive interviews with Olympic legends. Continue reading

Betting Odds For 2012 Olympics Men’s 100m Favors Usain Bolt

Sometimes we write words just to write words. Whether it’s to antagonize someone or really create some kind of buzz that otherwise is lacking. It’s human nature I guess to want there to be a story so badly, we’ll select the details we want to in order to shape the story we want.

We want Usain Bolt to flounder so badly we start looking into trivial details about a late start and use it to signal his demise. But then he goes out and runs this past weekend and proves that we’re all dopes that the only story we should be writing is the one about how easily he’s going to win over and over at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Continue reading

2020 Olympic Host City Betting Odds

Okay, so we might be jumping forward a bit. We are getting closer to the 2012 Olympic games in London, yet the odds of who will host in 2020 is already something to talk about. In fact, you can even go on and place a bet on who you think win the bid to host outright. Continue reading